2 thoughts on “EIRE70 – Saint Johns Point, County Donegal

  1. Nick Brand

    This is currently being renovated – my wife and I visited St John’s Point on the 12th July 2017, and after a bit of dolphin-spotting, we had noticed a man apparently weeding and painting rocks white. We wandered over and asked what he was doing, and he gave us a potted history of the markings, which was quite fascinating. He was called Michael, unfortunately we have forgotten his surname, but he was a great ambassador for the project, and it’s good to know that even recent history is being preserved and maintained. May it last as long as Knowth or Newgrange!

  2. Peter

    The EIRE 70 was kind of restored is is now quite visible and in good condition. I have made a view photos of the lighthouse, where you could see there was much progress. If interested, contact me. Photos are CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, example to be seen at given website URL


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