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EIRE74 – Croghy Head

This sign has recently been restored and I do not have an aerial photograph of it yet. However, I have received a number of photographs of the restored sign, and the work in progress to restore it for which I am very grateful to the three photographers concerned whose names you’ll find under their photographs.

Donegal Crohy Head Eire marking 2

Photograph credit: Rob DIjksman

Donegal Crohy Head Eire marking 2_r

Photograph credit: Rob DIjksman

Croghy HeadThis sign has also been recently restored by a team including John Bonner.

Photograph Credit: Raymond Sweeney

Via Hugh Boyle I also have this photograph of the work under way:

Crohy 17-11-13


Photograph credit: Hugh Boyle

EIRE64 – Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head

A couple of people have let me know that Sign 64 has been restored and I’ve received a (non-aerial photograph) of it. It isn’t on the aerial maps yet although I will put the location of it on the map of the signs.

I want to think Liz, Karen and Aidan who all emailed me to let me know about this.