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If you have any comments or information you think might be useful for this project, you can contact me via email at:

windsandbreezes [at]

Thank you.

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  1. Belfast Mapper

    Hi, I think I have found the Crohy Head Eire sign. OSI 1995 black and white. On a narrow strip of land, lined up to be seen from the sea, as intended, remains of box can be seen.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Oisin, yes, there was one located there and thanks to your note, I’ve found the remains of it. It will be posted up sometime in the next month.

  2. Eileen Doherty

    Hi I went to school in Brinalack Co Donegal and I’m 99% sure there was a lookout point up from the school. It would have had a great vantage point at being able to see any ships on the horizon.

    Eileen Doherty

  3. Gary Leahy

    Hi. Great work you’ve done!! I’m having trouble locating the Baltimore sign on Google earth.. Would you have GPS co-ordinates for it I wonder?
    Best wishes,

  4. Margaret Sweeney

    Can you let me know about Eire signs 58 – 59 – 60 – 61. I know that signs 58 -59 and 60 are in Achill but on the map its kind of confusing because 60 and 61 are as follows 61 in Achill and 60 in Belmullet, so my question is which is it, 60 in Achill, 61 in Belmullet or is it the other way around, can you let me know. Also can you email me as to where i can get more information on theses look-out’s , like who maned them and when the ceased operation, stuff like that

  5. mary folan-ferron

    There was an EIRE sign on our land at Dooyeher Carna Co Galway. The stones are still there, and we hope to restore the sign. I would love to know the ‘number’ associated with it. From memory I think there was a 5? I maybe wrong.


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