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  • The Irish Military Archives
  • Eight Air Force Historical Society
  • Kevin Dwyer
  • Tom Coll
  • Eoin Lettice
  • Jim Bergin
  • Maria Grandfield
  • Damien Mulley
  • Jane Steger-Lewis
  • Al Steger-Lewis
  • Barry Murphy
  • Emmanuel Hirth
  • Clare Haire
  • Raymond Sweeney
  • Rob Dijksman
  • Sean Molloy
  • Hugh Boyle
  • Hugh Hamlin
  • John Williams
  • Ray¬†Cranley
  • Kate Muldowney
  • Conor Corbett
  • A O Mahony
  • George Griffin
  • Dalkey Tidy Towns
  • Tom who commented on the original post on the subject
  • Posters on the Irish Military Online Forum
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  • Google Maps for satellite imagery and navigation support
  • Bing Maps for satellite imagery
  • Ordnance Survey of Ireland

A note about the images. All the images posted have been drawn between December 2012 and January 2013, from both Google Maps and Bing Maps. There is slightly better coverage of parts of the west of Ireland on Bing rather than on Google which is why the current set of images includes more from Bing than from Google at the moment. I have also been recommended looking for access to the Ordnance Survey of Ireland’s collection of aerial photographs and this is on the list of research yet to be carried out with this project.¬†’s terms of service for the use of prints and screenshots are here

Reading Material

  • Guarding Neutral Ireland by Michael Kennedy, Four Courts Press

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