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EIRE38 – Dunmore Head – Sign on Great Blasket Island

The nearest look out post to the Blasket Islands is Dunmore Head which is on the mainland. It was LOP number 38. There wasn’t a LOP on the Great Blasket that I was aware of and most signs were linked with the nearest LOP hence the classification. At the moment, it does not look to me as though the number is intact for this location so I cannot confirm absolutely.


Location on Google is clouded over.

EIRE74 – Croghy Head

(Conor Corbett)

This sign has recently been restored and I do not have an aerial photograph of it yet. However, I have received a number of photographs of the restored sign, and the work in progress to restore it for which I am very grateful to the three photographers concerned whose names you’ll find under their photographs.

Donegal Crohy Head Eire marking 2

Photograph credit: Rob DIjksman

Donegal Crohy Head Eire marking 2_r

Photograph credit: Rob DIjksman

Croghy HeadThis sign has also been recently restored by a team including John Bonner.

Photograph Credit: Raymond Sweeney

Via Hugh Boyle I also have this photograph of the work under way:

Crohy 17-11-13


Photograph credit: Hugh Boyle


EIRE64 – Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head

A couple of people have let me know that Sign 64 has been restored and I’ve received a (non-aerial photograph) of it. It isn’t on the aerial maps yet although I will put the location of it on the map of the signs.

I want to think Liz, Karen and Aidan who all emailed me to let me know about this.

EIRE80 – Malin Head

Google Maps

Google Maps

Malin Head

Bing Maps

Malin Head has been restored since these aerial photographs were done. You can read a report on the restoration here – the restoration was done in 2015. It looks beautiful, far better than it did when I saw it as a child.

Also Atlas Obscura has written up the renovation of this sign here.

Added August 2018 from the Conor Corbett collection of photos:

(Conor Corbett)

(Conor Corbett)