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August 5, 2018

EIRE 8, Bray Head added. Record is here.

October 14 2014

I’ve been very busy lately so a lot of updates have happened and not been tracked.

Here’s a quick summary:

I have posted a scan of part of the USAAF map here

I have updated posts for Croghy Head, Downpatrick Head, Wicklow Head, Rossan Point

The Aran Islands turned out to have two signs on Inis Mór so I have updated the post on that one. The map has not yet been updated

I have updated the map with new sites.

I have updated the credits page to thank everyone who has contributed to this.

April 21 2013

Updated map with location of Crohy Head sign which is still visible on 1995 OSI photographs (not currently on eiremarkings. It is possible the sign is still actually visible.

Also have a possible location of the Clogherhead Sign. While I am certain it cannot be seen from the current aerial photographs, I will see if it can be seen from the ground. If it can, it is the only east coast sign I can currently identify as still existing. This has been added to the map.

included new page for historic aerial photographs the first of which comes via the Irish Defence Forces Archive flickr account. Site in question is Wicklow Head and the sign is no longer visible.

Added Howth Head,. Dublin

April 2013

Updated with an aerial photograph (via Bing’s aerial mapping) is Loop Head, Clare

Added: 31 Sheeps Head Cork, 50 Kilronan, 53 Slyne Head, 55 Renvyle and 81 Glengad Head

Credit for the additional five sites is due to Tom who left a note on my original post on the subject on my own site with information and links enabling me to find the additional sites. He also provided the information that the Bing aerial photography for Clare had been updated, providing me with the information that Loop Head’s sign could now be seen.

3 thoughts on “Updates to the site

  1. Chris Forker

    I have a picture which is on our FB page taken very recently which shows that Eire has been white washed and is looking very good. However there is no visible sign of 31.

  2. Joe murphy

    Eire 8, uncovered on Bret head, by Irish Air Corps. This was located during horse fire fighting operations


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