Historic Aerial Photographs

There are not many of these floating around (at the moment) but as I find them, I will map them here: http://goo.gl/maps/it1HS

The following photogarph is from the Irish Defence Archive’s Flickr Feed. You can click through to their feed – they have a photograph identification project under way at the moment.

Wicklow Head 9

Wicklow Head 002

Via the Irish Defence Forces Archive who have released it under Creative Commons

This sign is either overgrown or has been removed. The lighthouse in question is now a holiday home.


One thought on “Historic Aerial Photographs

  1. Seamus Breathnach

    Interested in this as I can see LOP 52 Mace Head from my house There re plans to restore the Eire sign and may be use the LOP as a tourist attraction

    Séamus Breathnach


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